"The Museum of Photographic Arts was an incredible mixer, I don't know if it was the atmosphere or the number of people but it felt really personal and easy to talk to people, there was a lot of bonding. I would definitely go to another! [From that event] I did hire a marketing freelancer and she has been amazing so far." - Lisa Phillipson, Elpe Insurance Brokerage

"Being part of 6 Degrees has made me feel connected to San Diego in a way I never thought possible for how short of time I have lived here. In truly growing a long-term, sustainable business you need to build long-term sustainable relationships. That's exactly what 6 Degrees offers, especially through it's 2 Degrees program. Being able to have the resource like 2 Degrees has allowed me to build real relationships that directly relate to building my business as opposed to transactional ones that I only meet once and never see again. It's been great to utilize the many different types of events for attracting different types of clients as well. Whether it's inviting a potential prospect to the breakfast speaker series, or bringing a co-worker to one of the evening mixers for bonding; the variety that 6 Degrees offers is one of the most valuable parts that sets them apart from any other networking organization. It's the perfect balance between work & play that is hard to find anywhere else." - Regina Reiff, Westpac Wealth Partners

"I enjoyed the Breakfast Speaker Series (Hiring & Getting Hired Doesn't Have To Be So Hard) this morning. I am a Naval Officer who is transitioning out of the service in a few months and events like this morning definitely help. This was my first 6 Degrees event. I was impressed. I look forward to many more." - Andrew Stone 


Marissa Douglas, Ives Insurance Services

Mariah Fuller, 6˚ Intern Alumnus

Andrew Berkhausen, ScaleMatrix

Jamar Williams, Dream Shore Studios

Josh Bonnici, Bonnici Law Group