Young Executives Elite

Are you looking for a place to connect with like-minded, young, high-level business professionals? Well, look no further! YEE is exactly what you’ve been searching for. The Young Executives Elite group is a brand-new community in San Diego that will help members achieve their professional goals and cultivate their professional vision.

To qualify, you must be a decision maker in a growing organization and have an interest in professional and personal growth. This group will provide a collaborative space to link up with fellow experts and share industry insights. This is more than just networking--it's a place to form long-lasting relationships based on accountability and trust. The best part? It’s a ton of fun! The group meets once a month and dives into activities like DISC personality assessment, the management quad and much more. Young Executives Elite is an optional perk for our Business Members, which costs $979/year, a great price for the growth and improvement you will see in both your professional life and your personal life.

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