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About SIX°

A Purpose & Values Driven Community


Our Purpose

We enrich lives. We propel each other into our highest potential. Our connections transform dreams into reality. 

Our Values

We embrace our human-ness.

We communicate with candor and kindness.

We create WOW experiences.

Our well-being drives high performance.

We level up every single day.

We challenge each other with love and respect.

We grow our community with intention and care.

We are fiscally healthy.

Welcome to 6 Degrees!

SIX° is a San Diego based business community made up of leaders and connectors who understand the value of investing time and energy to develop meaningful relationships.

We are small business owners, company founders, solopreneurs and sales leaders in pursuit of achieving our highest potential both professionally and personally. 

For us, a referral is the ultimate sign of trust and the RESULT of a nurtured relationship rather than the beginning of a transaction.


SIX° of Connection

6 Degrees of Connection (1).gif

We certainly subscribe to the 1929 concept that was popularized in the 1990's around "6 Degrees of Separation" (or maybe you are more familiar with the Kevin Bacon version).

However, at SIX°, we believe meaningful relationships are more than simply "knowing" someone exists. The types of connections we are interested in cultivating within our community are fostered by investing time, energy and effort into shared experiences with others to connect at a deeper level. 

SIX° Leadership Team

6 Degrees was founded in 2007 and has been owned and operated by Kristina Gent (CEO) and Eric Ozarowski (CMO) since January of 2022.

The two are partners in business and in life. Both share a passion for creating and participating in remarkable experiences that bring people together. It's literally part of their love story.

They actively live and uphold the company's Purpose and Values and are dedicated to growing the SIX° Community with intention and care. 

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