We believe one of our basic human needs is to connect and belong to a community. At 6º, being professionally connected is a lifelong passion. Our mission is to connect our community in valuable, long-lasting business relationships. As a membership organization, we host hundreds of meetings and events a year all in an effort to fulfill our mission. 

The true value of NETWORKING isn’t measured by the number of people you meet, it is measured by the TRUST and RELATIONSHIPS you build with the RIGHT PEOPLE.


Our Events:

Networking Mixers:

The 6˚ community is the perfect place for you to make the professional connections you need to grow your career! Our monthly networking mixers are open to members and non-members alike, as long as you’re looking to make connections. Local executives, corporate, and nonprofit sponsors make up the 6˚ community, and we encourage you to get to know them in San Diego’s hottest venues.

Worried about how to break the ice and make the connections you’re looking for? The 6˚ team is there to help! At every event, we’ll be there to welcome you and help you make connections, allowing you to easily establish contacts.

Explore our upcoming mixers here, and don’t forget to register!