Your First Key To Building Business Relationships

Part One of 5 Keys to Building Business Relationships That Should Be Considered When Networking 

Professional relationships that help us along in our career do not happen by accident or without significant effort. They require nurturing, constant contact, and a host of other important ingredients that when properly applied, can create a support team as dedicated to our success as we are.

Building Business Relationships is all about capturing relationships as an ongoing and fundamental part of our life plan. Life is about who you know; the common ground we find with our associates, and the commitment to engaging with our friends and associates, those we know now and those we have yet to meet. The most important relationship in the world may be just around the corner, or waiting for you to say “Hello” at the next mixer.

In this 5 Part Series I want to provide you with the most effective and successful keys to building relationships whether business or personal. For this 5 Part Series I am going to focus on business and hope that you will read and ponder each step to see if you are using them to create the meaningful relationships you want.

The First Key is Contact: 

  • Assess your availability to meet and be met by others.
  • Are you in the right professional associations?
  • Do you attend events regularly?
  • Are you an observer or participant?
  •  How many people in your associations do you know on a first name basis?

Contact cannot be fully reached by engaging in on-line networking. Sure you can meet people on various Social Media platforms but can you achieve the meaningful relationship you are looking for? For that to happen you must have face to face contact over time. Yes, I said over time because everyone is different as to how many times they have to actually meet you before they will consider engaging in a long-term relationship. You cannot sit in your office and expect the world to break your door down. Personal contact should be frequent, consistent and deliberate.

Thinking about Contact as step one to building business relationships, identify 4 associates that you consider or would consider to be members of your personal support team. Those associates with whom you have achieved some status of career association. In the upcoming keys to building business relationships series, I will take through advancing these associates through the process of the remaining 4 keys one at a time.

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