Keys to Networking Success: Part 2- Commonality

Part Two of 5 Keys to Building Business Relationships That Should Be Considered When Networking 

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Early on in our lives, we begin to develop close friends. What we might not have realized when we were in our developmental years, is that the friends we sat beside while we learned our ABC’s may indeed be our doctor, or tax advisor or our children’s grade school teacher later on in life. As adults however, we can visualize that the people who we meet at networking events may indeed be someone who can change our life; or more importantly, we may be able to change theirs.

The Second Key is Commonality: 

  • What do they do when they aren’t working, i.e. hobbies?
  • Special interests, family, accomplishments?
  • Organization memberships?
  • Sports fans? What sports? What teams?
  • What part of town do they live in? Have they always lived in this city? If not, what area of the country did they move from?

Seeking commonality with others is important as it is the means by which you communicate in an interesting and extending way. Finding activities, interests and perhaps exercise plans that you have in common offers the easiest way to interact on different levels broadening your communication.

Commonality is the collection of common values, interests, and identity between two people. As we mentioned above, the more in common the more likely you are to have a solid friendship base. And a solid friendship base is very important to a rich relationship.  The more we have in common the easier it is. Friendship is the glue that keeps us together.

Building good relationships means being truly interested in the people you deal with, both from a business and personal view. While discussing business issues is usually the main purpose of speaking with someone, finding out something personal about them takes the relationship to the next level.

 Making enough Contacts with individuals you are building a relationship with allow you to learn more about them. What might you have in Common? Practice this and you will be ready for the next Key!

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