Keys to Networking Success: Part 3- Credibility

Part Three of 5 Keys to Building Business Relationships That Should Be Considered When Networking


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Associates, especially new ones, need to see us as credible people. This means that we need to mean what we say, say what we mean, and always follow through with the commitments we make. When people say, “Do you walk your talk?” What they mean is, “Are you credible? While we never know how many demonstrations of credibility we have to do to have people believe we are who and what we say we are, there is a universal answer to how many times we can NOT be credible. One! That’s why it is important to take our commitments seriously, each and every time we have the opportunity.

The Third Key is Credibility: 

  • Be genuine. You need authenticity to cultivate credibility; when you're trying to win trust, you can't rely on the "fake it till you make it" approach.
  • Be sincere. Being credible means being sincere. It means you don't say everything you think, but you mean everything you say. You cannot claim it; you just have to be it.
  • Be respectful. Holding other people's feelings in respect may mean nothing to you, but it could mean everything to them. Treat everyone with respect--not because you expect something, but because you know they deserve it. Titles are granted, positions are given, but it's respect that earns you credibility.
  • Be accountable. To establish credibility, you must be accountable for your decisions and actions. When you make a mistake, own up to it and take steps to correct the error. When you aren't sure, say so.
  • Be loyal. Your credibility grows when you’re out for the best interests of those around you.
  • Be honest. Part of establishing credibility is developing a reputation for speaking with candor and honesty. Transparency is the fundamental keystone to business and the core source of credibility.
  • Be principled. Stop comparing yourself to others and learn to be yourself-- the principled person you are, standing tall for the values you believe in.

Building and maintaining credibility is an ongoing effort, not something that is achieved and forgotten. In light of recent cases where leaders have been found to be somewhere between less than reliable to completely dishonest, the importance of building credibility and trust is now more important than ever.

Think about this with your current relationships. Have you lost a relationship or left a relationship due to Credibility? How likely are you to re-commit to that relationship? Is there anything on the list above you need to work on?

We’re almost done, just two more keys to go!

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