Your Health Is Your Wealth

Most people know that good health brings many benefits to our lives. Those benefits range from more energy and better sleep, to clearer focus and higher productivity throughout the day. The benefits of healthy choices reaches even further than this, however. What many people don’t seem aware of is that making smart choices about your health actually can have a substantial impact on your bank account as well.

Smoking, for example, can cost thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars a year. At an average cost of $.31 per cigarette, this direct cost already adds up to a surprising annual sum. Beyond the direct costs, smoking causes a wide variety of medical issues, even the more minor of which can add thousands per year to your healthcare expenses. Taking it even further, smoking results in increased health and life insurance rates, and statistically, smokers earn significantly less than their non-smoking counterparts, reducing their discretionary income potential right out of the gate.

Eating out represents another surprising contributor to annual expenses. Of course, eating out regularly costs more money directly, but it also contributes to the obesity epidemic assaulting our country. Obesity has been directly linked to a multitude of health concerns, every one of which will increase medical expenses, health insurance costs, and life insurance rates. Obesity even impacts your grocery budget to sustain the increased body mass.

Small changes to how we approach our daily health decisions can make a dramatic difference in annual expenditures. From subtle effects like better life insurance rates, to more direct ones like reduced purchasing expenses, the amount saved per year can make a huge difference. Investing those extra dollars can create a vacation fund, noticeably pad a retirement account, or pay off debt far more quickly.

Take a look at this infographic for some tips on improving your daily health decisions, and helping to improve your health and your wealth.


Author: Anastasia Ivanov [email protected]

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