Keys to Networking Success: Part 5- Trust

Part Five of 5 Keys to Building Business Relationships That Should Be Considered When Networking 

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Most relationships never really make it here! You see, trust allows a relationship to flourish because it makes no difference which party leads and which one follows. One respects the other in any given interaction and works to unconditionally support the direction, philosophy and commitment of the other. When you achieve the trust level in a relationship, you have made it! The relationship has achieved intra-dependence! 

The Fifth Key is Trust: 

If you want to be a person other people trust, look at your actions and the decisions you make on a daily basis.

  • Always be Authentic – Being authentic requires that you be honest in all your dealings – both big and small.
  • Are you Consistent – We all have bad days. People want to see consistent, positive behavior in the people they trust. This can make a difference to others.
  • Do you have Integrity – It means doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. At its core, trustworthiness is about honesty. People will only trust you if they know you’re telling the truth.
  • Do you show Empathy – People who are trustworthy put themselves in other people’s shoes. They have compassion and are always thinking of others, it’s not all about them.
  • Are you Kindhearted - People build up trust when they look out for others, when they are there for them when they need someone the most, not just when everything is going OK.
  • Are you Theoretical- Trusted people are always looking for ways to grow and learn. They are lifelong students, always knowing there is room to get better, and because of that, they know ways to help inspire and support others—and share those resources.
  • Are you a Master Connector - Looking for ways to align like-minded people, connecting them with people who have the knowledge or experience to help get them what they want.
  • Always be Humble - Trustworthy people want to get others out there first, before themselves. As Tim McGraw sings “Always be humble and kind”.
  • Are you Accessible - Being there for people, and going out of their way to make time for others.

Trust is valuable. It affects everything. Being trusted by others is one of the things you must have to go far in life and to achieve your greatest success. If people trust you, they will like you and give you more opportunities than others. Being trustworthy is an admirable character trait. It is being honest, reliable and responsible. Others will respect you more and want to continue relationships and dealing with you. What’s in it for you? Self-respect…. something you can’t buy and on the other hand, may hold the key to achieving the peace of mind we all seek.

I hope you have all enjoyed learning the 5 Keys to Building Business Relationships That Should Be Considered When Networking. BTW, they work in our personal lives too!

My final article on the 5 Keys will be posted next week. It’s a short worksheet you can use to apply what you have learned about the 5 Keys to gauge what connection you have achieved with others at some level of relationship success and identify what the steps might be to move your relationship to 5 Key Status.


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