Why Business And Marriage Are Similar

You would never ask someone to marry you on a first date, so why would you expect someone you’ve met for the first time to refer business to you?

We have all heard the expression, “it’s not what you know but who you know” and in many cases we use that expression in perhaps a less than complimentary way. Perhaps what our response should be in those situations, is to assess our own skills in developing relationships that can help us build business and careers. Professional relationships that help us along in our career do not happen by accident or without significant effort. They require nurturing, constant contact, and a host of other important ingredients that when properly applied, can create a support team as dedicated to our success as we are.

We now know that the 5 Keys are:

1.     Contact

2.     Commonality

3.     Credibility

4.     Confidence

5.     Trust

To assess your existing relationships consider using this exercise.

BBR Exercise

Thinking about the information offered on the previous articles I wrote, identify 4 business relationships that you consider or would consider to be members of your personal support team. Those business relationships with whom you have achieved some status of career association.

1.    __________________________________________

2.    __________________________________________

3.    __________________________________________

4.    __________________________________________

  • Using the 5 Keys, identify what key the relationship is at today and why.
  • From this group, select one person from the list that is not yet at the 5th Key. Identify what the steps might be to extend your relationship to 5 Key status.
  • Identify the greatest gain you might experience in building this relationship to a higher level.
  • Identify the greatest gain your associate might experience from building this relationship to a higher level.

Do this again and again for those individuals in which you seek a closer relationship. Soon you will be doing it without thinking!

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