The Benefits Of Downsizing After The Kids Are Gone

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When the kids are young, having a large home with a big backyard is ideal. You have room to spread out and let the kids grow and play, and everyone can have their own space. You might have a home office, or a library or rec room for the kids.

However, as they get older and start moving on to their own lives, it’s time to start thinking about what the next ten or twenty years will hold for you and your spouse. Staying in a big house means you have that much more to clean, and the utility bills might become overwhelming; you’re essentially paying for a lot of space that you don’t need. Consider the benefits of downsizing, which would allow you to save money every month while contributing to saving energy.

It will require a bit of work--moving is never an easy job--but if you think buying a smaller home is the best option for your family, read on for tips on how to get started.


 Make some changes

Your current home may need a bit of work before you put it up for sale; think curb appeal, such as new landscaping, but keep in mind that you don’t have to go overboard. Cleaning up the front yard, the mailbox area, and the walkway to your home can be as simple as trimming, laying mulch, and putting in stepping stones. If you leave some room for imagination, potential buyers will likely be that much more attracted.

Because wallpaper can be considered in some circles as outdated, think about taking it out and replacing it with a neutral paint color. Simple updates such as these will add to the value of your home and will leave an impression on potential buyers since that’s one less thing they’ll need to change themselves.


Do some homework

Do a little research online to find out what the cost benefits are of downsizing in your area. If you pay an HOA fee, that’s one thing you might be able to avoid with a move. Utility costs are an obvious benefit with a downsize, as are property taxes and homeowner’s insurance. If you’re ready to look for ways to cut expenses, start with this helpful list by

Costs aren’t the only thing to think about when downsizing, however; there’s also the fact that a smaller home means less time taking care of it, and that’s time you could be spending on travel or simply relaxing. Many people find that once their kids move out, they’re ready to try something new, so think about taking a class or joining a club.


Save energy

All those heating and air costs in a big house can really leave a huge carbon footprint; downsizing means you’ll cut your energy use dramatically, which can help in the fight against global warming. Look for a home that has built-in energy saving amenities, such as new appliances, an energy-efficient hot water heater, and/or solar panels.


Cut down on the clutter

Many people find that one of the biggest benefits to downsizing is the ability to cut down on clutter. Going through your home to pack usually means you’ll find a ton of stuff you forgot you even had and don’t need anymore, and donating or selling it can help you feel better. In fact, according to U.S. News, decluttering can even help with your mental health.

Downsizing is a big decision, but it might just be the right one for your family. Do some research and think about all the ways you can benefit from buying a smaller home.


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