To my wonderful 6˚ Community,

It is with bittersweet sentiment that I announce my departure from 6 Degrees. I have spent the last 6 years pouring my heart and soul in to this company and the time has come to move on.

Awesomely enough, I found 6˚ at a networking event. I was a college senior hungry for new experiences and terrified of the job search. I stumbled upon a conversation with 6˚ Founder, Matt Greene, and remember as he left he looked me in the eyes and said, "I hope to hear from you". Mostly out of fear, I sent him an email later that night. That email snowballed in to a meeting, which turned in to an internship and ended up as a job. I didn't actually want an internship, I didn't have time for one, but 6 years later, I'm thankful I made the leap.
People often ask me how I've spent 6 years in one place. To be honest, this company has grown and changed as much as I have. I have worked under many titles, reported to different leaders and taken on many new projects. I was a part of the purchase of this company by Sharon Jenks in 2015 and have had the pleasure to work alongside her. I have learned many business skills, and a whole lot of personal ones, and you know what? When your event space catches on fire, you can always count on the dedicated networkers to party on the sidewalk. 
I have had many official titles here at 6 Degrees: Intern, Chief Know-It-All, Community Director, Director of Operations, Vice President of Operations, but my favorites are the unofficial ones, given to me by you: Chief Badass, Grand Poobah, The Catch-All, The Girl That Takes My Money and my all time favorite: Chief. Our 6 Degrees Community has been my driving force since day one. You are the reason this company exists, you help us strive to be better, and you are my absolute favorite part of this job. 

Some of you know that I moonlight as a dance teacher and performer; I dream of someday purchasing a small studio and growing it in to a successful business. I have accepted a part time position as an administrator at a brand new studio in Solana Beach where I hope to learn the skills needed to run a business in the dance industry. It is because of this community, and my love of networking, that I found this position and step in to this job with excitement. I am ready to learn new things, meet new people and continue to grow. 
I invite you to connect with me on Linked In and contact me via my personal email address: [email protected]. I have done the "get connected" and hope to continue to "stay connected" with all of you!
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