Good Health Leads To Better Business

A blog from one of our very own 6˚ interns: 
Tabi Hoshmand

Every business’ goal is to curate a positive and healthy work environment that encourages productive and innovative employees. There are many benefits to promoting good health that can have significant impacts on your business.

According to the United Nations’ International Labour Officer, diet and nutrition are linked to an individual’s performance. Research found that inadequate nutrition is correlated with worker’s productivity. Employees who eat healthier foods and exercise at least three days a week are more likely to perform better at their job than those who don’t. In addition, employees with health and exercise related goals will reflect goal-oriented habits at work.

Here are a few reasons good health among workers will lead to better business benefits.

1. Better mental acuity, drive, focus and performance.

2. Higher employee morale.

3. Positive public image as a business.

4. Improve employee’s work-life balance.

5. Employee engagement and efficiency.

What promoting good health will reduce:

1. Employee turnover.

2. Recruitment costs.

3. Insurance and sick pay costs.

4. Workplace stress.

As a business, you’re looking for a healthy and energy-filled individual that has more impact and influence than one who doesn’t. This works to your businesses’ benefit because your team of healthy individuals can build stronger relationships with clients and customers. Healthy employees are also more confident in their work.

Corporate culture is increasingly becoming more important in a business. Potential candidates are paying closer attention to office camaraderie and healthy living during the application process. Looking after your employees can greatly improve corporate image. Health is part of corporate culture, and although it’s not a relatively old concept, it’s moved forward on the checklist of things employees are looking for.


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