What's the Value of One New Client?

For trusted advisor professionals, their network is one of their most valuable assets. The value of the relationships built through meaningful connections can be huge. Learn more about how networking just got cooler, 6° cooler.

6° is a Different Kind of Networking with Two Types of Groups

Referral Groups are comprised of professional service providers from a variety of industries who come together twice a month to connect and grow as professionals and as people.  The groups are focused on facilitating relationship building which in turn leads to warm introductions from people who know, like, and trust one another.  Gone are the days of cold referrals with little to no value instead, when a group member recommends a fellow member it comes from a place of trust.  That 6° member knows his or her friend, colleague, family member, or peer will be well taken care of because of the personal relationship built in the 6° group.

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An elevated kind of networking, the 6° Peer Advisory Groups are designed for C-Level executives and founders of companies from pre-revenue to approximately $20 million a year in sales.  These peer groups are an invaluable opportunity for those building and running companies to meet with other executives and explore ways to capitalize on opportunities, work through challenges, and identify new paths to grow their companies. They are a safe environment for the processing of situations with the support of those in similar roles and with relevant experiences.  Think of it as your own Advisory Board.

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  • An Industry protected seat in a 6° Referral Group or 6º Peer Advisory Group
  • Guest at all 6º meetings nationwide
  • Attend all 6º events nationwide
  • A personalized profile in & access to the 6° Member Directory
  • Optional Member Spotlight and posts on social channels
  • Access to the 6° Marketplace where you can post offers & make announcements ~ goes to our entire database
  • Speak on your professional areas of expertise
  • Waived initiation fee to join the University Club atop Symphony Towers in San Diego, the City Club LA in Downtown Los Angeles, and the Center Club in Orange County, CA