Welcome to 6˚

Are you looking for a better way to develop your network and grow your business? 6° has launched exclusive referral groups that are comprised of vetted professionals who are serious about advancing their careers through meaningful relationships with trusted peers. We currently have referral groups in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Dallas, and New England.  Seats are limited. Contact us with questions.

What is the value of one new client?

For trusted advisor professionals, their network is one of their most valuable assets.  The value of the relationships built through meaningful connections can be huge--much less than the 6° membership fee.  Learn more about how networking just got cooler,  6° cooler.

6° Membership Types

At 6° networking, we know that no one kind of networking group is right for everyone which is why we have two different types of groups.  Learn more here