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About SIX°

A Purpose & Values Driven Community

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Our Purpose

We enrich lives. We propel each other into our highest potential. Our connections transform dreams into reality. 

Our Values

We embrace our human-ness.

We communicate with candor and kindness.

We create WOW experiences.

Our well-being drives high performance.

We level up every single day.

We challenge each other with love and respect.

We grow our community with intention and care.

We are fiscally healthy.

Meet the Owners

6° is a San Diego based networking organization founded in 2007. Acquired by Kristina Gent (CEO) and Eric Ozarowski (CMO) in January of 2022, the married business partners bring 25+ years of combined marketing and hospitality experience to an established brand and well-known networking concept of "6° of Separation."

Kristina takes great pride in being both a female and minority business owner. Her humble beginnings as a single child constantly moving around the country with her mom helped shape her relentless tenacity. It's also where she gets the unrivaled passion and enthusiastic leadership style that can palpably felt by all members of the SIX° Community. 

She is a DIEHARD Kansas sports fan representing her Chiefs, Royals and K-State Wildcats every possible chance that she gets. Just don't let her hear you say "Rock Chalk" or be rooting for the Jayhawks around her... 


Eric graduated with a BS in Marketing from DePaul University. He’s worn just about every hat you can wear in the business world and actively practices servant leadership. He's an avid reader and enjoys reading about business, psychology and spirituality. He's not quite as big of a sports fan as Kristina, but he does root for all teams Chicago. If the two of them aren't hosting an event to bring people together or cheering on their respective teams, there's a good chance you can find them at a concert. They both love live music. 

Kristina Gent, Eric Ozarowski

If relationships are the keys

that unlock the doors of dreams...

Who's door will you open next?

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